Torch WiFi Router

I recently came across the Torch WiFi Router. I love that people are building products to help protect the family. The main focus of Torch is to help parents protect their children. From their website, some of the features are:

  • Pause Button. Pause the internet with the push of a button for the whole house or for specific profiles.
  • Bedtimes. Set customized bedtimes for each child.
  • Filtering. Block inappropriate content.
  • Reporting. See your children’s browsing history in real-time, and how much time they spend online.
  • The very latest in wireless standards. Enterprise-grade technology.

As a father, this resonates with me. I teach my children the danger of what is out there but I also try to provide a safe place for them so most of the garbage is filtered out. This seems like a great way to help parents protect their families.

Unfortunately, the price is too high at $249.99. You can get a $50 off coupon but the incentives aren’t there. Most of us have routers already so you aren’t going to buy a new router just for the parental features. Especially when you have the Disney Circle for only $99 and even the new Google WiFi that has parental controls built in.

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