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Smart Home with Augmented Reality

This device could be an interesting addition to your smart home. It takes objects within your home and turns them into virtual remote controls to control whatever you'd like, lights, thermostats, security, music and more. It works by creating a 3D scan of your room and then allows to place actions on certain hotspots like tapping the table to turn on…read more
New Products, Smart Home

Ooma Enters the Smart Home Arena

Ooma introduced Home Monitoring, a comprehensive do-it-yourself home monitoring solution that alerts users of events within their homes. Designed to work with the Ooma smart home phone service – the Ooma Telo – the system includes motion, water, door and window sensors in addition to the unique ability to remotely place a local 911 call from the home, thus providing…read more
Home Automation

Smart Vent Systems

I am always interested in the new smart home equipment that is coming out so when I saw the Keen Home Smart Vent System I was really intrigued at what it could do. The idea that you could individually control the vents in your home to provide the best comfort was an awesome idea. Who hasn't complained about one room being…read more
Home Automation

Amazon Echo & Home Automation

The choice to buy an Amazon Echo was mainly for the home automation aspect and its ability to connect with the SmartThings platform. I was intrigued by the idea of controlling different aspects of my home automation through voice commands. Also, the idea of it being a bluetooth speaker was a factor in purchasing because if it failed in the…read more