Smart Home with Augmented Reality

This device could be an interesting addition to your smart home. It takes objects within your home and turns them into virtual remote controls to control whatever you’d like, lights, thermostats, security, music and more.

It works by creating a 3D scan of your room and then allows to place actions on certain hotspots like tapping the table to turn on lights or slide your hand on the wall to turn the music up.

The only unfortunate thing is that it is big and awkward when you place it in your room—just like the Amazon Echo. At least the Echo will have a buddy so they can look out of place together.

I thought this device has a certain cool feature to it, being able to move your hands around to turn things one but when I thought about practical applications in a real home, I would prefer using voice to control things. I asked my kids what they would rather do, wave a hand or speak and they all chose to wave a hand. So, there you have it!

Right now they are on Indigogo trying to raise some money. As of right now, you can still get one at 27% off retail price.


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