Disney Circle Review

My goal as a father is to keep my family safe. Knowing that any device that connects to the internet can bring in garbage, I am always mindful of what is being viewed. This isn’t my only safeguard against this. I talk consistently with my family about what is appropriate and how to guard themselves against evil if they see something that is harmful. This is important as they get older and spend time away from the home. Keeping my family safe also includes spending too much time on devices and not taking care of other important items.

As I have looked into technology to help me with this, there were solutions like DNS that I could install to see what is being viewed and block sites, that works okay but is limited. There were complicated solutions that I could implement on my router, that was just a pain. Then there were costly devices that I could get, but they still didn’t give me the control I needed.

Then a friend introduced me to Circle. He gave me a quick rundown on what it did and I went and bought one the same day. It was the solution that I was looking for.

I have been using Disney’s Circle since January and it hasn’t failed me yet. Just like it states, you can control any device (Tablets, smartphones, laptops, TVs, game consoles and more) and set up filters and limits on when it connects to the internet.

The setup it simple and I can quickly change the settings at anytime with my mobile app. The great thing about it is it notifies me once another device has connected to my network, then I can choose to put restrictions on it or not.

For my school aged children, I am able to set a bed time limit so the internet shuts off when they should be going to bed. I used to make my children check in their devices at bedtime but now I can trust Circle to restrict the use of it so they can still listen to music or use the alarm clock. In the sake of keeping up on what my children do, we still have periodical check ins so we be open about what is being used and seen.

The time limits have been another great feature. Do you feel like your kids are spending too much time on Instagram or Minecraft? Well, Circle is your answer. You can see exactly how much time is being spent and set up time limits for each app. When my kids are bored and I let them get on a game, I tell them they have 1 hour to play, I set the time limit, then the device will restrict the game after that amount of time. This featured actually benefitted my child since I thought they were spending too much time on a certain social media site. When I started monitoring it I realized that they were actually using good judgement in the amount of time they were spending on it. At that point I felt comfortable not putting on any restrictions.

They have recently added a MyCircle app which can give each user their own dashboard with information about their limits. The one complaint I have about the app and dashboard is the Disney content. For some reason they feel that they need to overload you with Disney information when this device has nothing to do with Disney news. I’m a big fan of Disney but I don’t want to be overloaded with that information when all I want is information about the devices. Needless to say, I don’t use the app.

I have recommended Circle to many people and will continue to recommend it. It is a must have for anyone that wants to protect their family.

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